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05-07-2006, 05:38 AM
My family was pretty set on getting an Arctic Fox 29-5E this summer, but are starting to sway in the direction of the 29-5E. I know that it is personal preference, but does anyone in this forum have any opinions on either one? Good or bad?

My Mother likes the layout of the 29-5T a bit better...below is the email she sent me


Without actually being able to walk around inside to see it, I THINK 29 5-T seems to be the most attractive. It also appears to have more of a intimate livingroom, located farther from the bedroom, which is a plus if someone were sleeping.... also the stairs are located farther from the bedroom another plus for the same reason. It has a phone shelf and an entertainment center which the other does not as well as a bathroom wardrobe which I assume is a closet.

Model 29-5E: Appears to have more pantry space (a plus if you were going to live in it for any length of time) and the stairs are located closest to the bathroom - a plus with little children (you do not have to walk through what is essentially the livingroom and the kitchen to get to the bathroom)


I would really like to hear from others who own the 29-5E and the 29-5T and what they like best about their units, and what they dislike the most about them. This will help me in making my decision.

I am from Alaska and unfortunately do not have the option of walking around the inside of the 5th wheels to decide......strangely enough, the local dealer doesn't actually carry them in stock...but they will be happy to "order one for you," and take your $$$$ all the same.

We have been talking with Randy at Sumner RV in WA, and are pretty much set on getting one from his dealership. They are extremely friendly and don't waste time with you trying to come up with a good price...they offer you a great price right off of the bat. In fact, I will save over $7,000 if I purchase the trailer in WA and have it barged up to Anchorage Alaska. Why should I pay the local dealer $7,000 to order the trailer for me...? Will eventually fly down to WA to look at the trailers before we purchase, but any information I can get will give me a head start!

Thank you very much!

Clint from Alaska

05-07-2006, 05:57 AM

Click on the discussion below regarding people's preference for the 29-5E or the 29-5T (ours is included there). There may be other discussions in the forum, but this seems to be the most recent one. Hope this helps!


Bob in WA
05-08-2006, 06:30 PM
We we're in the same positon a year ago. My wife & I brought our two girls to the dealer and we spent time in both units. In the end we decided on the 5T.

The "E" has a much bigger kitchen area, but I'm a great cook and prefer to cook outside. The kitchen area was the only plus on the "E".

My daughters wanted a full length mirror on the door to the bedroom/bathroom. No problem.

Wife and daughter wanted to take out the dining table and chairs and replace with a dinette. No problem.

We all love the swivel chairs and the rear picture window. It made the coach seem much more open, which is a plus when you're all inside.

Entertainment center was very nice.

Either way you're getting a first class coach.

Good luck.